Asperger’s Syndrome

Our experience with Autism

At the age of 18 months we noticed that our son William was not developing the way he should have. We brought him in for testing and discovered that he had what we considered at the time to be Autism. Later on we discovered that Autism is actually a spectrum disorder–a subcategory of Pervasive Developmental Delay or PDD. Depending on the level of impairment a child might be classified as Austic or with Asperger’s syndrome or a number of other classifications. We read extensively about the disorder, it’s possible cause and proposed solution. We had heard of mother in Bedford, New Hampshire (USA) who discovered a connection between her son’s Autism and Secretin. We called some of the major hospitals and asked if were any studies underway and whether William could be part of a trial.

At the time Massachusetts General was preparing to do a study on Secretin so we scheduled an appointment with a gastrointestinologist. While there the doctor made some suggestions on where we should start. His first suggestion was to check for allergies and then for food intolerance, since many autistic children have gastrointestinal problems associated with their disorder.

Allergies in the classic sense turned up negative after testing, but food intolerance was positive. We had his blood examined for antibody reactions to certain foods. Wheat, soy, milk products and legumes were the highest. After removing these foods from his diet we noticed a marked cognitive improvement.

We brought him to a doctor in Massachusetts that specializes in allergies. We tested his stool for yeast and his blood for amino acids and trace minerals. We treated the yeast and supplemented the minerals he was difficient in. We also tested for heavy metals. Will had high concentrations of mercury in his blood. We put him on a chelation program to remove the mercury.

Each of the steps we took brought back a level of cognitive ability. While I believe that this will be an on-going process for Will the rest of his life, we have given him the tools in order to deal with his condition (God has directed us). William, while not as fast as his peers, today functions at a normal level and is able to do most things that a boy of his age does. You would have to spend some time with him to notice that he has any developmental disorder.

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